About Telesol Fiber

Telesol fiber broadband internet is designed to meet the internet needs of medium & small Businesses, Homes, Communities and Individuals. This is a fixed service intended to connect you closer and faster to the rest of the world through Fibre broadband. Telesol Fibre brings you high-speed internet so you can surf the internet, stream cable TV channels, play online games, enjoy clearer video calling and do so much more. We aim to deliver on our promise that every customer will experience real Speed, unlimited Connectivity, unmatched Availability and service Reliability. Telesol is now in your area with Fibre to your doorstep.


Why should you choose Telesol Fibre

SPEED: Faster upload and download speeds. Faster than copper and wireless.

CONNECTIVITY: Better cloud access. Best for low latency applications and less signal loss.

AVAILABILITY: High bandwidth to ease contention issues.

RELIABILITY: Enjoy continuous service advantages at affordable rates.

FTTH Packages

FTTH Installation Cost

FTTH Device Cost

For enquires please contact us at the following email addresses:

ftthsales@telesol4g.com | ftthenquiries@telesol4g.com